Sell bundles, Not Products

Ember is a Shopify Plugin that enables store owners to bundle multiple products together and sell with one click. Find out how by entering your email information


Sell Looks, not Products

It's our motto. As humans, our attention span's suck. Why we're trusting our users to shop singular products makes no sense. Allow your consumers to pick and choose up to 6 items at once. This is literally a no-brainer

Increase your product to click ratio.

We're tackling a metric that has not been explored before... Product:Click. How many products can you tastefully add with one add to cart click? Install Ember to find out!

Super, Duper Simple

Big thanks to Shopify for creating a style guide. We have designed our entire app to function as if Shopify made it. This means navigating around the app will already feel familiar to you!!!


Pricing Plans

Ember is the easiest way for Shopify stores to sell more product. Our Pro and Free-X plans give your the most power, control, and customization.



for 14 days

Start your Looks

FREE Features

  • Up to three style groups
  • Link three products per group
  • Shopify Section Plugin
  • Analytics to track Ember's metrics
  • Preset page layout designed to increase sales



/ month

Manage Ember

Plus Feature

  • All of the FREE plan options
  • Up to 6 style Groups
  • Unlimited product linking for each look.
  • Add Discount option
  • Preorder option (COMING SOON)

PRO-Coming Soon



Scale Ember

PRO Features

  • All of the PLUS plan features, and:
  • Unlimited active styles.
  • Customizable Styling of Add to Cart Button.
  • Unbranding of EmberCart logos.
  • LookBook Mode
  • Plus so much more!



of sales

Scale Quicker

FREE-X Features

  • All the features of PRO, but with no monthly commitment
  • ACCESS PASS: Get new features and updates before anyone else.
  • Receive exclusive content and weekly notifications about Ember



“After using Ember, our our average order increased by 2.3 products and $46.00. I will always use Ember!”

Cassidy McBride
Owner, Hello Honey

The FREE plan is available for your first 14 days. We give you this time to setup your Looks at no charge. After that you will be automatically upgraded to the FREE-X plan.

Our PLUS and PRO plans are subscription-based. Pay every month for these!

Our FREE-X plan is commission based. We don't make money unless you make money! Get all of our features for free

We will process all major credit cards.
Right now we are ironing out all the bugs and making Ember work perfect for you. Sign up for our mailing list and we will contact you when it is available for purchase.
We are starting with Shopify. We believe that Shopify is the best platform to roll this out on based on software development. We will be launching Ember for BigCommerce, Lemonstand, Magento, and WooCommerce (Wordpress) next year.

if you would like to switch to Shopify (which we reccommend to everyone), go ahead and sign up here:

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